October 24, 2019

As you could probably guess (because of my lack of President’s message over the last month), it is a busy time throughout the district.  I appreciate all the dedication and self-sacrifice that you are all giving to make our district successful.  And when needs or questions arise, I hope you know that you have plenty of avenues to get the answers and supports that will help you be successful.  I hope the following information will help you:


  • There are multiple layers of the St. Charles Education Association that aid you in different circumstances:
    • We as an association believe the best way of resolving questions or concerns is by talking directly to the decision-maker.  If you need another person to facilitate or simply be present in such a discussion, your building leaders (including SCEA reps, ISCs, team leaders, and lead teachers) are great resources.
    • When the matter at the building level is not resolved through one-on-one conversation, or if it is contractual or “bigger than one person”, please be sure to reach out to your SCEA building leaders  (the list of building representatives are attached).  If you are interested in being a strong voice for your colleagues I encourage you to consider being an SCEA rep this year or run for a representative position this upcoming spring!
    • When the matter is still not resolved, or if the matter involves multiple schools or the entire district, SCEA officers should be contacted.
    • At the district level, we are in a myriad of conversations about matters that came to us from members just like you!  This is on top of the committees that are regularly doing work on behalf of all educators (in the attached document).  Here are just a few of the items we are discussing at the district level:
      • New elementary school day (start times, logistics, facility utilization, identification of specials offerings)
      • Middle school facility utilization and scheduling
      • Schoology/High School (and some middle school) finals
      • Related services staffing
      • MTSS processes
      • National Board equivalents
      • Release time for educator professional development
      • Curriculum and resource renewal, adoption, and revision
In the next week, I will be providing valuable, specific information to smaller segments of our 1,012 members, including those on the retirement track and those who don’t have your Master’s degree yet.  Please know that even if you don’t hear from me, you are always welcome to contact me or any of your other elected representatives.
Finally, I want to remind everyone to continue wearing your #RedforEd every Wednesday.  By popular request, you now have the ability to order not only the SCEA red T-shirt, but we now have other shirt options available using the attached flyer (or visiting our SCEA website at http://www.scead303.com)


Joe Blomquist.
SCEA President
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